From ancient  times the canine species has been, possibly been man’s most helpful companion. Wolves themselves, are very social and family oriented. All dog breeds derive from this amazing friend. While cats, and horses have also been domesticated for centuries, our past life  memories do not relate to them in the same way. While many people have cats as wonderful devoted pets, today’s cats and horses are modern breeds with little resemblance to the long distant past breeds of our early origins. Wolves and alligators, remain much as they have always been in our human past.

There are those among us who feel this ancient connection truly and strongly. Often these people have Native American bloodlines, fully or partially. My friend Healingwolf is one of those people. It is important to us, as we look at our future, which is rushing towards us “faster than a speeding bullet”, to know ourselves. Our interest in various Native American cultures around the world is, in a way, a shortcut to our early origins, and frequently past life experiences. How can we go forward, without knowing ourselves.

There is a long and fine line connecting us with all of our selves, sometimes when we feel disconnected and looking for answers, we are out of touch with the nature of our being. Our interest in Native American cultures and certain creatures helps to ground us, helps us to find the place within, which is our true self. Making this available to us and preserving the wolf species is valuable, meaningful and important

Check out her website and plan to spend time there when you come to Sedona, or if you wish to donate to Native American cause, here is the place for you to know about.

Info from Healing Wolf’s website. The name and vision of the Medicine Wheel Lodge were given years ago, that the property would be shared with all who found their way to it. The Shamans said that this would open the hearts of those who were drawn here so that they would be prepared to seek and embark on their own journeys.

The Medicine Wheel Lodge invites you to go back in time listening to the stories passed down from the Shamans while reconnecting with the Earth Mother and experiencing Harmony and Balance amidst a private ancient oasis. The Peace you will experience is the presence of those who have gone before, and those who are still present. It is their connection and reverence to the land that gifts all who visit such Tranquility.

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