2012 Hurricanes & Changing Consciousness

Are earthquakes and hurricanes, changing more than the landscape? Since actually we are all one, what affects the land affects us too. I don’t mean just disaster recovery and the Earth Changes, it’s the physical changes in the land and sea.

trans 2012 Hurricanes & Changing ConsciousnessWe rarely realize how we are affected by artistic endeavors such as movies, TV, radio, books, music and sports. Yet Spirit works strongly through the Arts. Artistic people are very receptive. Thus, great change can be done rapidly through all Arts media.

We are being introduced to fantastic new concepts at a breathtaking rate. Alien activity, all sorts of strange even radical ideas in AVATAR, THE LAST AIRBENDER, THE INCEPTION, Harry Potter movies. In TV shows like THE GHOST WHISPERER, books, in dancing. All forms of modern dance are amazing to watch. Not to mention, in sports we see incredible prowess, undreamed of in earlier years. Fantastic feats happen constantly, once only portrayed in comic books and Sci fi pulp magazines, now are seen daily by millions.

We are developing a new consciousness. This consciousness expands our reality, our world and our responsibility for our personal well being, for our world community and even beyond. The more you know, the more you are to take up responsibility for. It is interesting to me, to see the outreach of the Arts and Sports communities, as they are often the change medium.

The Gulf Oil Spill is a metaphor for us to understand, changing our awareness, and projecting us toward action in a thousand ways. The hurricane season this year will change us more, as many earthquakes, movies, TV, radio, movies, books and sports will crowd our conscious awareness. Great and small experiences are changing human consciousness as much as technology. Where are we going and why are we going there. This awakening is as individual as a snowflake and just as precious. The responsibility is being recognized and responded to by millions of people. This is the Ascension.

Call for private sessions. Learn to manage and change your experience in a conscious, hopeful way. You owe it to yourself, and your world. Your experience will be interacting with your world, a thousand past lifes and simultaneous other lifetimes. In all probability, they’re all occuring all at one time, now!

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