Gulf Spill ~ Catastrophe Before Consciousness

Hope is only a minute away, in an hour you may well be personally affecting the Gulf Oil Spill. In the Spirit of The Findhorn Garden we find the lesson we need to hear. In trying to separate myself from my emotions on this matter, what I hear is that catastrophe comes before consciousness. Part of the human psyche is to want to be a foxhole convert. To be saved “at the last minute” when we finally realize we have been going the wrong direction.

Worldwide, people are becoming aware of

the importance of water

to the balance of our Earth.

What is the answer?

Elemental Spirits of the Water have been waiting to interact with the human population of Earth to heal the planet and return Earth to the Garden she fundamentally is meant to be. This beautiful concept, proven over and over in the Findhorn Garden. By also including the work of Dr Masaru Emoto’s in HIDDEN MESSAGES IN THE WATER, humankind has the explanation and the formula to understand our ability, to heal the very waters of Earth. It is not only possible it is critical that we clear Earth’s waters, returning them to the state they were a 1,000 years ago.

Currently I have arranged for people all over the World, to take water out of many water sources, praying and clearing the water daily, then returning it to it’s water source to activate this healing. People are working with the Gulf waters, the waters in and around Japan, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and most states in the Continental USA. If we all understand that in drinking, using, saving and purifying our waters we can begin to heal our collective consciousness, our Earth and our oceans. By focusing our energy daily, we can accomplish more than we can dream or imagine. I am waiting for more of you to contact me so we can all do the work of re-mastering our society to conscious and political awareness. This is part of the job we are born to do, this is a major part of our conscious choice to return at this critical time. Many people ask me why they are here in this life at this time. On many levels of reality, we are one being, our individual consciousness is a part of the whole. This is the hidden and unaware resource that will facilitate the needed change.

The Gulf Spill is a powerful metaphor for the way we on Earth are wasting our resources and destroying our planet. We expect the government to fix things, for British Petroleum to stop the pollution, but we have given them our power, and they have their own agenda.

Call me for personal reading sessions to help with your trans formative efforts. In the meantime by reading, THE FINDHORN GARDEN, or any of Dr Masaru Emoto’s works, we can begin to understand the consciousness of the water. We, each of us, can be a part of the solution. All solutions, environmental, political, business, personal, health and spirituality issues are at risk. Yes, it is what we are meant to be doing and learning. As usual we have waited till things get really horrible to begin to change!

Hope begins in one minute,

start now to begin to take action for all the water you use today.

More Soon!

Darlynn Bowman PhD CMHt

(928) 282-9181


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